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MoT Max Tech Courses for Kids

The MoT Max tech courses support our 9 to 12 year old kids gain ownership and mastery over their creative ability.

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Projects to channel their creative energy

Minds of Tomorrow Projects  are our after-school courses during the year for our 9 to 12  year old members, the Mo T Max kids. Each project lasts for 8 to 10 sessions with a once a week attendance. Each session last for two hours.

The project and all its sessions activities are framed within problems and themes that matter to them. We empower the kids to choose what they want to create and guide them to work towards a creative goal.

Our tech programs

Miami Minecraft

A whole universe of imagination aimed at boosting creative mindset awaits.

Kids will create, design, and code their own version of the city of Miami in Minecraft. In addition to the world of Minecraft, kids will face challenges in the physical world with activities such as building autonomous vehicles, designing smart homes, or figuring out intelligent mobility systems that will intersect their Minecraft ones.

Examples of activities in this adventure ...

Miami Magnets

Kids will imagine and design an overall vision for  the city of Miami. Then they will make a first version of their vision on  Minecraft! This first design will evolve and be the basis for the entire project.


Design & Coding abilities.

Railroad Madness

Conceive a super-fast rail system for Miami. Kids will learn about robotic trains and develop their engineering skills to power mobility in Miami using Lego Spike.


Engineering & Design abilities.

Technologies learned:

Movie Hackers

Empower your kids to become filmmakers.  Support the development of their visual communication and storytelling skills.

Movie Hackers mixes coding with 3D printing techniques and robotics with media while pushing your kids to be the directors and actors of their stories. This is a team project where kids will premiere their movies to their families at the MOT Demo Day Film Festival.

Examples of activities in this adventure ...

Movie Hackers

Kids will learn the basics of a pro film tool, Final Cut Pro to achieve amazing digital effects and film techniques.


Design & Media abilities.

Filming Drones

Coding on Scratch, kids will direct DJI Tello drones and learn how to compose and film aerial sequences.


Media & Coding abilities.

Technologies learned:

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