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Coding | Design | Robotics | Entrepreneurship

We offer exciting and enriching Tech Programs for children ages 4-12

Two locations

Miami & Key Biscayne


Minds of Tomorrow is a club for kids to explore and develop their natural creativity.  

Our activities are a blend of  coding,  design,  robotics and entrepreneurship  designed to nurture the kids’ Creative Mindset.

Locations in Miami & Key Biscayne

Our studios are spaces 
of exploration and discovery

Designed for kids ages 3-12

More than 500 activities designed by creators

Our activities are a blend of coding, design, robotics and entrepreneurship, designed to nurture the kids’ Creative Mindset.

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Minds of Tomorrow Membership 2021-22

Members access a full range of activities and benefits designed to meet the needs of the different age groups.


2 hour weekly activities

Passes for weekend workshops

Passes for parent’s Night Out

Passes for friends

Passes for the Creative Room

Discounts on camps

Discounts for birthday celebrations

Flexible scheduling

... and more!

Membership options

MoT Max | Ages 9-12

Movie Hackers

Immerse your kids in the world of movie making and storytelling to develop visual communication and creative abilities.

Miami Minecraft

A whole universe of imagination aimed at boosting creative mindset awaits.

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MoT Junior | Ages 5-8

The Jurassic Adventures

Kids travel to the mesmerizing world of volcanoes, ice and dinosaurs.

The Stellar Adventures

Kids travel to the amazing reaches of outer space.

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Activities open to everyone

Minds of Tomorrow Studios

Our Studios are Family-friendly spaces of exploration and discovery

Minds of Tomorrow Miami

Minds of Tomorrow Key Biscayne

A space where you can have coffee, meet other parents, talk, relax, or work.

A whole filming & photography space with chroma walls, projection, video and stand lighting ready to produce the best media creations.

A space where kids can discover and explore technology on their own.

A space to take a break and relax on a  bunch of comfy pillows for all the members to use.

Our classrooms, conceived for small groups and equipped with the latest technology.

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I have yet to find the kind of excitement Charles has had for your camp anywhere else- not school or any other activity. He is so happy... I’m grateful, truly. Thank you!

Lauren Louis  - Mother of Charles (9 y/o )