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MoT Junior Adventures Programs 

The MoT Junior tech courses are designed to foster exploration and discovery of the creative abilities the 5 to 8 years old possess.

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Adventures to spark creativity.

MoT Adventures  are the after-school activities for our MoT Juniors. Each adventure runs for 4-6 sessions with a once a week attendance. Each session last for two hours. There is a storyline that threads the adventure together. Each session is a stand-alone activity.

Through MoT Adventures, we prioritize variety, fun and play over technical accuracy to encourage kids to freely exercise their creative abilities.

Our tech programs

The Stellar Adventures

Travel to the amazing reaches of outer space.

The Time Travel adventures build on each other to form a progression and guide the kids in their growth path to discover coding, engineering and design. During the Stellar Adventure kids will travel to the future, to outer space and use technology to build space crafts or leverage the power of digital design and media to conceive worlds in 3D among other fun activities.

Examples of activities in this adventure ...


Kids have to earn their wings as interstellar pilots by coding a stellar game on Scratch and end up playing and zigzagging in between meteorites.


Coding ability.


Kids will arrive on a planet where they will have to use Scratch code to decipher the language the aliens speak.


Engineering & Coding abilities.

Technologies learned:

The Jurassic Adventures

Travel to the mesmerizing world of volcanoes, ice and dinosaurs.

In a secret Lab in an unknown location, scientists have developed a time machine and the first adventure is to The Jurassic Era. Each activity is a challenge kids will encounter while discovering the Jurassic. They will use technology to overcome every challenge to be able to continue their explorations in a world filled with dinosaurs and volcanoes.

Examples of activities in this adventure ...


Using the computer board Micro:bit and the Make:code programming platform kids will learn about the extreme temperatures of the Jurassic volcanoes and ice.


Engineering & Coding abilities.


Kids will design a Pterodactyl dinosaur and turn it into a video game with Scratch and Procreate.


Design, Coding & Engineering abilities.

Technologies learned:

Included in the MoT Junior membership

Weekly attendance to an after-school activity

Choose the day that works best for you and your kids and bring them to Minds of Tomorrow to sharpen their creative abilities with a mix of Robotics + Coding + Art + Entrepreneurship.

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Creative Room

A space where kids can discover and explore technology on their own. Everything kids will need to realize their imagination.

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Workshops are 2-hour stand-alone sessions meant to multiply the opportunities for kids to have a blast while growing their creative abilities.

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