The Minds of Tomorrow Method to empower your kids to shape their future

The Minds of Tomorrow

# To give your kid an avenue to express their uniquenesses, not to have them conform to pre-existing labels.

# To give your kid a space to explore their multiple talents, multiple passions, multiple interests, all unencumbered of social pressures and expectations.

# To celebrate who your kid is, not how your kid fits.

# In face of an unparalleled rate of change and innovation in our world to empower your kids to define their own future.

# To guide your kids and help them become creators, not followers.


We grow your kids to be the creators of tomorrow

In today’s world rules are always changing and pre-existing ways of resolving problems are short lived. Developing the creative mindset is the key to unlock the power of their problem-solving mind today and their success and fulfillment tomorrow.

This is what we do at Minds of Tomorrow, we equip your kids to take advantage of this ever changing world and define their own future, to be creators of solutions, not followers of somebody else’s recipe. We empower them to create their own path.

At Minds of Tomorrow, we define the creative mindset as a blend of four key abilities.

Discover the four creative abilities.

Each ability is a set of creative skills. We embed a mix of these abilities and skills  in all our activities.

Opportunity Thinking. Spots chances to create something new.
Sense of Viability. Perceives positive impact & gain.
Adaptive Reasoning. Deviates from  trajectory to adapt.
Resilience & Endurance. Keeps going & recovers from missteps.

Critical Thinking.  Questions and asks 'why.'
Sense of Feasibility. Acts on what’s possible.
Deductive Reasoning. Forms concepts and then specifics.
Experimentation & Learning. Tests to learn and improve.

Systemic Thinking. Connect the dots.
Sense of Abstraction. Extracts relevant, important information.
Algorithmic Reasoning. Defines clear steps to solve problems.
Decomposition & Deconstructing. Breaks down problems.

Idealistic Thinking. Strives for perfection.
Empathy. Meets people's needs.
Inductive Reasoning. Finds inspiration in anecdotes.
Taste & Style. Has a sense for form and aesthetics.

At Minds of Tomorrow you kids learn to be creators, not followers .

At Minds of Tomorrow your kids practice coding & drawing & building & filming & tinkering & sketching & storytelling & animating & ...


Your kids will design a robot with Procreate, a professional design and illustration program...

…building the robot with Lego Spike, the newest most advanced Lego brand for education...

…and coding the robot with Scratch -the most widely used coding language for kids...

... to finally become movie directors and actors to make a short film and be able to communicate and share their creation with others

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