How gaming can be good for your kids


October 26, 2021

We hear it all the time:

“I’m worried about screen time.”

“All he wants to do is play video games.”

“My child seems addicted to games!”


Can gaming be an unhealthy habit? Of course. But that doesn't mean that all gaming is created equal! Here are some tips on how to turn your child’s interest into more productive and healthy habits.


Pick the right games and be involved

Not all games are created equal or are age appropriate. Ask questions, talk to other parents, and do your research. Some games are overly violent, while others are amazing social and educational tools – be sure your children are playing games that you’re comfortable with.

Use gaming as a catalyst to learn new skills

Children that love games often love to learn more about them. How games are designed, the code that runs the games, even how gaming systems and computers work structurally and how to improve system speed and performance. 

Leverage these interests! Technology only seems like magic until you understand how it works. Show your kids that they too can master these skills and learn to build their own games, better appreciate the games they play, and can become active participants in these virtual worlds rather than just passive consumers. 

Have limits

No games late at night. Make sure all homework and studies are completed before the gaming starts. These will vary based on the age of your child and the rules in your home, but boundaries can be important.  

Teach online safety 

Gaming is largely a social act. The majority of games kids play today are in online communities. Make sure your kids are aware, especially in environments where they have the potential to communicate with other players that they never share personal information: names, where they go to school, etc.


Gaming can improve hand-eye coordination, act as a social activity, improve problem solving skills, but most importantly can open interests to future career paths and productive skills! If you’re reading this far, I’m sure your child loves video games, so be sure to make the most of your child’s interests rather than dismissing gaming as “a waste of time”.

Minds of Tomorrow. The Creative Tech Club. Our activities are a blend of coding, design, robotics and entrepreneurship designed to nurture the kids’ Creative Mindset in Miami.


October 26, 2021

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