Weekend workshops at the most creative space in Miami

Tech Workshops

Open to both members and non-members, our workshops are meant to multiply the opportunities for kids to have a blast while growing their creative abilities.


Workshops are 2-hour stand alone sessions and are a great introduction for non-members to attend and get to know Minds of Tomorrow!

Tech Workshops

Minecraft Redstone 1 & 2

Kids will unlock the powers of Redstone, one of the more advanced elements in the world of Minecraft. Redstone is a fantastic way for kids to learn about energy utilization and energy sources. Mastering Redstone opens up the possibility to build and power anything their imagination can come up with in the Minecraft universe.


Kids use technology to discover and develop their music abilities. Kids will create their own tunes mixing music and learning awesome effects with Numark DJ controllers.

Music Video Animation

Leverage technology to develop kids expression and communication abilities. Kids will learn storytelling and create a short movie using Scribbl, a cutting edge animation effects tool.


Allow kids to see video games in a new light, out of the screen and into the physical world. Taking inspiration from the famous game Angry Birds, kids will put their creativity to work. They will use Sphero robots to design and build a physical version of the famous game.

Parents Night Out

How about a date night or simply some time just for you? Drop your kids at Minds of Tomorrow and we’ll take care of the rest.

The details:

– $45/kid.
– Parents Night Out are available on Fridays twice a month.
– Open to kids ages 5–12.

– Twice monthly on Fridays from 6pm-9pm.
– Fun activities, games, and movies playing for kids at the Minds of Tomorrow Studios.
– We also provide pizza!
– Minds of Tomorrow Mentors monitor the fun to make sure it’s a fun and safe environment.

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