Make an Impact on Children’s Lives and on Your Future

With an Unrivaled Kids Technology Franchise


Discover the True Potential of a Minds of Tomorrow Franchise

Ready to make a real and meaningful difference for families in your community, while building a compelling business for yourself? Minds of Tomorrow creates a space for children to “learn to learn” through tech-based activities, while providing a uniquely-positioned business model for franchise owners.
Our kids’ technology franchise model takes advantage of the moments when children are out of school to let them explore their natural creativity. Unlike a traditional educational environment, your Minds of Tomorrow franchise studio can give kids a chance to discover a new adventure or mission every day.

It Can All Happen at Your Minds of Tomorrow Studio

From 1,200 to 1,500 ft²

Your studio will range in this size

Strategically located

Near public or private schools

Glass walled rooms

Where students work on their projects

Dedicated spaces

For a production set and movement-based activities

Our Brand Story Showcases the Positive Side of Technology

Minds of Tomorrow grew out of a shared interest in design and technology among our founders. Connections across an international landscape brought home the diversity of talent in the world and fostered an exploration into how the digital world would affect their children’s future.

Helping Kids Become the Creators of Tomorrow

Our programs and activities offer children the tools to think, reason, experiment and learn. Your studio can empower kids to develop their creative mindset and be shapers, not followers.

Our mission is to empower children with creative insight and the confidence that comes from mastering design and technology.”

Miriam Cloquell

Minds of Tomorrow Co-Founder

This is a Chance to Change Perceptions About Technology

A Minds of Tomorrow franchise could offer kids a variety of experiences that are both educational and fun. Technology can be a powerful tool for learning and creativity, but it's important to use it in a way that's enriching and engaging.

Discover Your Business Potential with a Kids Technology Franchise

Do you have the mindset of a Minds of Tomorrow franchise owner?

Entrepreneurial spirit and energy to expand with a growing brand

Motivation and passion to develop technology and creative skills in the next generation

Strong relationship building abilities to grow your network of families, business leaders and community organizers

Business experience in operations or management

Are you ready to transform lives with an unmatched kids technology franchise?

An investment in a Minds of Tomorrow franchise can enrich your life and make a meaningful impact on the lives of children and families in your community.

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