Ages 5-8

Junior Tech School : Marine Biologists

Robotics, Coding & Design

Prepare your young adventurers for an extraordinary journey beneath the waves with our Junior Tech School's Marine Biologists class. This innovative program combines robotics, coding, and design to take your children on an immersive exploration of the mesmerizing marine world.

Why Choose Junior Tech School ?

Hands-On Learning: We believe in learning by doing, and this program is no exception. Our curriculum is designed to engage young minds through practical experiences, ensuring a deeper understanding of marine biology and technology.

Environmental Awareness: By exploring the wonders of the ocean and its ecosystems, children will develop a greater appreciation for the environment and the importance of conservation.

STEM Enrichment: Our approach seamlessly weaves robotics, coding, and design into the world of marine biology, fostering a well-rounded understanding of STEM concepts.

Social Interaction: This class not only nurtures a passion for the underwater world but also encourages teamwork and collaboration, allowing your child to make friends who share similar interests.

This program is for young and curious minds, who are eager to explore the wonders of the deep blue sea. No prior experience in robotics, coding, or marine biology is required.

Example of activities

Dive into Marine Life: In this session, children will embark on an exciting journey to unravel the mysteries of marine life. Through a blend of hands-on activities, interactive games, and creative design projects, they'll immerse themselves in the ocean.

Oceanic Exploration: Participants will gain a profound understanding of ocean ecosystems, exploring the intricate balance of life within coral reefs and kelp forests. Using cutting-edge 3D renderings, they'll get up close and personal with these incredible underwater worlds.

Underwater Showcase: Your child's newfound knowledge will be put to the test as they channel their inner filmmaker. With guidance and support, they'll storyboard, build, and film their very own stop-motion movie, showcasing their deep-sea discoveries in a fun and creative way.

Technologies learned

-LED Circuitry







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Creative Tech Program


Miami Design & Key Biscayne


November - December 2023


Tuesday to Friday: 4 pm - 6 pm | Saturday: 10 am - 12 pm


Once weekly 2-hour session


$69 session

$255 monthly membership

$350 x6 sessions

Adventures to Spark Creativity
In the Junior Tech School, each program runs for 6-7 sessions with once a week attendance. Each session last for two hours. An immersive storyline threads the standalone sessions into one cohesive adventure through the weekly activities, we prioritize technological variety, group collaboration, and fun engagement to encourage children to freely exercise their creative abilities.


$255 monthly membership

- Once weekly, 2-hour After School Tech Programs hosted in small groups.
- 1 monthly Parents' Night Out pass.
- 1 monthly buddy pass to a tech session.
- Member Pricing on Camps and Birthdays!

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