Ages 9-12

Design School: Book Publisher

Design, Entrepreneurialship & Publication

Book Publisher is a thrilling journey into the world of storytelling, design, and entrepreneurship. In this class, your child will embark on a hands-on adventure where they are the author, illustrator, and publisher of their own book.

Children will become the author, illustrator, and publisher of their very own book. Learn digital design with Procreate and Canva, craft captivating stories, and even print and bind their creations. Empower them with entrepreneurial skills and watch their creativity flourish.

Here's a glimpse of what your child will experience:

Theme Selection: Our young authors start by choosing a theme, whether it's an enchanting fairy tale, an adventurous sci-fi world, or an informative guide, the possibilities are limitless.

Digital Tools: Design School equips your child with valuable digital skills using Procreate and Canva, popular design software.

Writing & Storytelling: Effective storytelling is at the heart of every great book. In our program, kids will learn how to craft a compelling introduction, setting the stage for their readers. They'll gain insights into the art of narrative, character development, and creating engaging dialogue.

Printing & Binding: Not only will your child learn how to create a book digitally, but they'll also experience the satisfaction of holding a physical copy of their creation. We teach them the basics of printing and binding.

Entrepreneurship: Design School goes beyond just making books; it introduces the concept of entrepreneurship. Kids will learn about marketing, pricing, and even have the opportunity to sell their books in our studio.

This class offers a unique opportunity for children to express themselves, develop crucial skills, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. With the guidance of experienced instructors, kids will learn how to brainstorm, refine their ideas, and translate their imagination onto the pages.Join us, and watch your child's creativity flourish as they become the proud author and publisher of their very own book!

Example of activities

Developing characters and setting
They’ll learn techniques for building rich and engaging settings and understanding the relationship between characters and their environment.

Illustration Techniques
Using Procreate digital drawing, chidlren will learn basic illustration principles and techniques. They will bring their characters and settings to life.

Technologies learned






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Creative Tech Program


Miami Design & Key Biscayne


November - December 2023


Tuesday or Friday: 4 pm - 6 pm | Saturday: 10 am - 12 pm


Once weekly 2-hour session


$69 session

$255 monthly membership

$350 x6 sessions

Adventures to Spark Creativity
At the Design School, children will unleash their imagination, develop their artistic skills, and learn how to create captivating visuals and narratives. By the end of the course, children will have developed their digital design skills, brought stories to life, and became master storytellers in the digital realm! Each program runs for 6-7 sessions with once a week attendance. Each session last for two hours.

Our programs are framed within problems and themes  that matter to them. We empower children to choose what they want to create and guide them to work towards a creative goal.


$255 monthly membership

- Once weekly, 2-hour After School Tech Programs hosted in small groups.
- 1 monthly Parents' Night Out pass.
- 1 monthly buddy pass to a tech session.
- Member Pricing on Camps and Birthdays!

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