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Minds of Tomorrow is a club for kids to explore and develop their natural creativity.  

Our activities blend coding, design, robotics andentrepreneurship and are designed to nurture the kids' Creative Mindset.
In 2023, our memberships have expanded with our new Academic Club After school for elementary and middle school students.
With this new program at Minds of Tomorrow, we continue to foster a love for learning and a sense of curiosity in children to contribute to their overall education and development.

Designed for kids ages 3-12

More than 500 activities designed by creators

Our activities are a blend of coding, design, robotics and entrepreneurship, designed to nurture the kids’ Creative Mindset.

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My son had a great time at the YouTube and Roblox camp! The creative and intimate environment was a perfect fit for his personality. He was able to tap into his creative side while being in a nurturing and calm environment.

Kristin Blonsky, mother

Thomas loved the camp. He says the teacher is fun and kind, he was engaged for hours and had fun.

Kathleen Aitkenhead, mother

Great, engaging activities. My daughter always comes home excited about her day.

Emily Maxson, mother

Fun and intelectual at the same time! My 5 and 8 years old love going to Minds of tomorrow!

Roberta Freitas, mother

Responsible adults in charge of the kids, and they actually engage /play with the kids. Kids are learning responsible ways to use the technology they want to use Kids are indoors with ac most of the day And kids LOVE GOING!!! What else could we want ;-)

Lauren Brusovanik, mother

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Movie Hackers

Empower your kids to become filmmakers.  Support the development of their visual communication and storytelling skills.

Movie Hackers mixes coding with 3D printing techniques and robotics with media while pushing your kids to be the directors and actors of their stories. This is a team project where kids will premiere their movies to their families at the MOT Demo Day Film Festival.

Examples of activities in this adventure ...

Movie Hackers

Kids will learn the basics of a pro film tool, Final Cut Pro to achieve amazing digital effects and film techniques.

Filming Drones

Coding on Scratch, kids will direct DJI Tello drones and learn how to compose and film aerial sequences.

Technologies learned:

Surviving Mars

Becoming a multiplanetary species

Kids will explore the Red Planet to set up the first Martian human population. To prepare the planet for harmonious cohabitation kids will build sustainable gardens, figure out efficient uses of energy, build autonomous robots  machinery and leverage technology and creativity to improve people's lives both on Mars and on Earth.

Examples of activities in this adventure ...

Powering the Red Planet

Levels of energy usage are higher than expected. Kids will explore ways to optimize the amount of energy to survive in the red planet.

Self-Sustaining Veggies

Build an array of sensors, warnings and mechanisms to create a garden that does not require human intervention and can grow on its own.

Technologies learned:

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